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Hi Sardinky im Starblinky

Sardinky responds:


Meeh. It was very well produced. Some good polish, nicely animated and good voice acting.

It just wasn't funny :(

Reaally good. But you missed out on the opportunity to use the squeaky marker sound effect, it would have been funnier if you used it!

TheMadHamster responds:

Oh no, your right! How could I miss such a great opportunity. Thank you.

MMmmm.. That one chick has the hottest voice.

LazyMuffin responds:

oh my, thank you ;)

It was good until..

It was good until you added sound effects for the fighting parts.

I would have enjoyed it a lot more if you did all the punches and fighting to the beat of the music, like the previous parts of the movie.

The sound effects really took all the attention away from the music and turned the video into some generic fighting video. There are far too many of those on newgrounds.

Arch-Angel responds:

I agree to an extent.
sound effects were never my strong spot. and I should've had them fight to the music...huh. next time.
thanks for your review!

pretty good

Some good frame by frame animation here!!

The animation and art is solid, but the movie was a little predictable.. Seems a little similar to those Devil toons, work on your originality.

oldGanon responds:



best thing to come out of robot day.

Good job :) Loved it

scartheatre responds:


so funny!!

See I dont understand why companies that make the simpsons and south park and family guy dont higher any younger people like you (assuming your younger). The writing and jokes are fresh and funny!!

Too bad all 3 of those cartoons suck ass now thanks to the shit writing staff. Its kinda sad really...

But man this was great! Good job

BillyNapalm responds:

Mail the Simpsons and tell them! I like work!

nice video

You don't need to apologize. Seriously, it is hard to get people to volunteer their time for stuff like this. You did a great job with whats there, its too bad this didn't get off the ground.

Although for me I thought the CG backgrounds didn't look right, but that's okay it wasn't even a finished product any ways. You will do great things I'm sure, and maybe this video will be a call out to artists that are interested. Anyways, I think if you spent so long trying to get this thing going, maybe you shouldnt give up. Perhaps just make it less ambitious, take out the 3D stuff and get an artist that isn't 'high end'.

Just some suggestions

Nanashi responds:

The 3D isn't a problem, really. It actually makes things a lot easier. There is no way in HELL I'd be able to hand animate the kind of action the script calls for.

I'd sure hope this helped flag down a good artist. I had considered doing a preview for just that, but I didn't think it would do even this good without characters to carry the story.

Did I mention I have voice actors for each part already? >_<


I don't think I've ever given a 10 in my reviews, but this was amazing. I would like to watch this sort of thing on TV. The only complaint I had was the walking animation of the waitress, maybe she was on roller blades or something.

You should pitch this to the Cartoon Network. They really like unique things like this. Also your art style is so amazing, everything just worked.. great movie.

sexysexybicycle responds:

Yes... roller blades. Exactly.

I actually draw a lot of inspiration from Horse Movies, which is on adult swim. That would be tits.

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