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Reaally good. But you missed out on the opportunity to use the squeaky marker sound effect, it would have been funnier if you used it!

TheMadHamster responds:

Oh no, your right! How could I miss such a great opportunity. Thank you.

Wow man. It was like a real tv show. Hah
Seriously guys you did a good job, it was actually pretty funny. It reminded me of an old show you might seen from the 90s (Which is the highest possible compliment I could give you).

5 for the ending.

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Dude.. THIS is what Newgrounds use to be. This is the type of creativity we use to get back in the day, every week there would be some insane new game that some absolute genius cooks up.

THIS is why I came to Newgrounds when I was a young kid and THIS is why I chose to make my own games. This reminded me so much of what made Newgrounds special, what made Flash games special.

Thanks for sharing this man. It brought back a lot of great memories of coming to Newgrounds after school and playing all these crazy games and just always being in awe.. and eventually inspired to create my own..

Are you planning on turning this into a full game?

dietzribi responds:

Wow! Thanks a lot for this! I grew up on Newgrounds and it's a huge part of the reason I make games :)

We ARE planning on turning this into a full game, but we want our first "real" game to be something new that we've been thinking about for some time now. Hopefully if everything works out, a full version of Toodee and Topdee might be our second "real" game :)

I don't know why. but i played it until the end. Was weird you didn't play any music until the very end, and the sound effects were ugh.

Other than that it was kinda neat, I liked how the enemies line up perfectly with your jumps. Neat.

Primajin responds:

There is music throughout the entire game.

Hello sir. I liked your game. I actually had the same idea for a game but I couldn't think of a way to so elegantly create it as you did.

Although there are a few flaws in your game I think.
One is that, this obviously shows a lot of parallels to the board game Guess Who? but there is no way for me to "rule out" someone or mark them down as unlikely. I swear to god I had to keep going back and forth looking at each guy and I would forget if I ruled someone out or not so I had to keep checking the same guys. Part of the addictive nature of games like minesweeper and Guess Who? is marking down the spots you think are correct or incorrect and eventually you are just left with a few options.
The way you did it was just kind of frustrating for me.

And as other people said it was sort of hard to tell from the picture if the guy was "muscular", "plate shaped head" or whatever. Sometimes they wore beards and hats and you couldn't tell at all. I'm assuming you left it this way by design so there is more potentially guilty Winkles but it's kind of frustrating when you cant rule out guys, so it just feels overwhelming.

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this is really good

I opened it up and started listening to it for 10 minutes.. and was like 'how fuckin long is this song' and checked it was a loop. heheh
It loops really nicely, good job. Nice tune too.

ItsTheAshtray responds:

That is excellent. Thanks for the kind review dear Blinky


great job guys. All of them are really good and catchy. Congrats on the collab, pretty top notch stuff here


a gay game to go with your gay song

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/22010 9/5784_thisgameisgay.php

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Is any of your stuff made for actual games? or just for fun?

I'd love to play this game if it is one..
And if it isnt one.. I want to make it one!

I like her sexy cankles

Is she Asian? Cuz her butt is Asian. -0.5 for hank hill butt

run.. run as fast as you can

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