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I liked it until my browser crashed with "this webpage was reloaded because it was using significant memory".

And there was no save. It was fun though.

Its pretty good. I like the dialogues, they were pretty funny. I played for about 15 min.
I got a few floors into the building and have to stop playing for now.

A couple things I noticed was there was no tutorial for the controls. And there was no music in the first part of the game. So maybe those parts can be improved.

I would like to see more story/character based games from you in the future as I think you write great dialogue.

AdaOutOfLine responds:

Thank you so much for playing!! I added controls to the description. And I'm not sure why there was no music for you there definitely should be :(

Really fun. In your face duck

Not too bad, I had fun. Beat story mode. Started to get a bit repetitive near the end. Really nice level select btw. That sort of stuff makes me happy <3

This is peak gaming. Glad to see your back to making games John!

It was pretty hard. Maybe start with 1 robot instead of 2 for a little bit? and the parts came down pretty fast at start.

Cool game though, nice polish. And made in Unity so probably wasn't easy to make. Great work.

Fucking just really really good man.

I can get to the 3rd island and it seems impossible to beat that?

Also, theres a bug where pressing Reset can make your bridge block disappear.
Even after reloading the game, that bridge block is still gone. This is making me think that I must have hit reset early on and another one disappeared making it impossible.

I really want to play this. If this is fixed, and game is beatable, this is a 5/5 game.

Edit: I erased my save and was able to beat that part I was stuck at now. Because the block came back and also because I realized how to do it. That's a pretty bad bug though.

Edit2: theres no switch here for me to get to? https://imgur.com/lVc63Zq
Not sure what to do there.

Edit3: okay beat the first world. I didn't realize that the switches were powering the island and the island was powering the bridge blocks. I thought the switches were just powering the bridge blocks. So I didn't really have all the info to beat the level, I just kinda fell into the solution.

It's got good qualities to the game, I really liked parts of it. Pretty well polished. I'll give 4.5 for now. There were definitely a few issues that hurt the experience but overall its good.

Eydi responds:

Glad you liked it!
As for the issue you described: that is not a bug, but an intended game state, also seen in some other sokoban games. You can undo it by pressing Z - erasing save was not necessary, though I appreciate your patience

How you make such good games

I liked it. Would be cool if it tell you when you win. Other than that, everything is really nice. Great music and art and ui. And cool idea

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