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This game is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. I loved every fight was so different and clever. Really really really good. Any way I could send over a donation?

Btw I was confused at the end where she said I'll never be able to beat 'him'. Is there another boss? I can't find him if there is. (I was hoping it was gonna be the dog) Great game though 10/10

Edit: NEVERMIND the lady told me hes in the elevator

Would definitely play a bigger version of this

I love this game!

I like how Pengu spins when he jumps on jump pads. Soo fun

And that music is so good! Instant classic

The visuals here are pretty impressive. The animations and character designs are well done. I played the first one too when it was for the Flash jam. The gameplay feels pretty good in general, although from what I played there wasn't a unique hook for the game?

I bought the game on itch to show my support for you, good luck with the game and congrats on finishing it!

For something this difficult there needs to be some checkpoints. Or make the gravity not so strong, or let me use my wings somehow to float down a bit slower.

Just trying to understand the double jump thing I died. If there were checkpoints I would definitely continue, it was a bit fun and had nice music. Too punishing though

Great music and sound, great graphics. I like the movement of the character too, really nice stuff. I'm not sure if it's only me experiencing it but when I land on a platform the camera just snaps to my position instantly. No smoothing or anything. It's really jarring and definitely affected the quality of my play through.

The level designs were best when I was constantly moving to the right. I felt like I was progressing toward the end. Near the beginning there was a lot of back and forth which made the game feel slower than it wants to be. Later on the levels get better and have a good flowing feel.

Great game. It's fun.

This is my favourite game of the jam so far. Played some REALLY damn good and polished games but this ones got something special.

3rd game I played with Yoshi's Island flavours. Really like the art style, reminds me of some older PC games crossed with Yoshi's island, super nostalgic especially with the audio. Honestly the audio was really good, loved the different atmospheric sounds changing in different areas and the bug noises suited really well.

Gameplay is fun, I like that you keep your power ups. Wish it was more obvious what the power-ups do in-game rather than having to read the authors description. And the hit boxes on some of the enemies feel too big. But I really enjoyed exploring and discovering new enemies and dying because I didn't know how they'd attack me, stupid frogs >:(

You could actually dial back the power ups quite a bit and force the player to collect all of them to be able to reach the end.
I would have been happy to keep playing, only issue was I had no idea where the other power ups were!

I did feel like I kind of found my own path to the end though which was cool, rather than being forced into a set path. At least it felt that way. Great job, 10/10


gustavvonperiwinkle responds:

So glad you enjoyed it! The hit boxes on the beetles and caterpillars are a bit too large but it was too late to change it for the jam submission. I had gotten good enough playtesting the game that I didn't notice lol. I plan to add a little "Stamina +" and "Speed +" cartoony text that pops up when you collect the items as an additional in-game nod to the player.

Thanks for the comment on the sounds! I spent a lot of work on those. Half of them are me making noises into a microphone and processing them =P Was having trouble finding VSts or synths to emulate what I wanted in my head so I just used my mouth lol.

As to the paths--there are about 4 or 5 main ones with several offshoots. I added all the wood signs to help guide the player--but not constrict them. The goal was for every direction the player chose--to reward them with something.

Thanks again for playing!

Please explain how you keep coming up with all these amazing ideas for games!

Actually the level editor is super impressive, they are such a pain in the ass to make so I'm surprised at how well this was put together.

I felt like the campaign was okay, it worked pretty well. Controls feel pretty good and everything. I really enjoyed the level editor though, I spent like an hour and a half at least in it. My level "Super Happy Fun Time" I think turned out pretty darn good. I'm not seeing it in the user submitted levels though :O

I tested/shared it 3 times and still no show. Ah well, maybe it just takes a bit?

And I didn't have any issues running the game like some people did. I'm using Safari btw. It does lag a bit at times though.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

Try making a whole tower, than you’ll get a code you can share

Really like the artwork! You have a really nice artstyle.

Btw I think I chose the wrong answer every single time D:

AND OMG the ending! I won't spoil it for anyone but cmon! This is so great. One of my favourites from the jam

Butzbo responds:

Wow thanks! And glad you liked that bonus at the end :)
As someone commented, choosing all wrong answers may be like completing it 100% hahah!
And now that you mention it, it's time to catch up with all of the games!

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