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Been a fan of the comics for a while. This game really really reminds me of Everybody Edits, a game I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing.


I died from a big gem.. :|

edit: i keep playing cuz its fuuun

It's fun but pretty easy (I played regular mode). I think bringing hearts to the bot shouldn't heal you since it already gives you upgrades. I think when you hit an upgrade maybe it can heal you, or instead you have to chose between upgrading or healing your character.

It was fun though, I played for the full 10 minutes.

Was cool. I got a gold handgun at the very start though and could 1 shot entire waves :D

I think they were just exploding and it would wipe the entire screen. Was pretty satisfying but enemies trickled in too slowly after I killed the first wave and it did make it pretty easy.

It was a cool idea and I had fun

devdwarf responds:

Gold gun op

Silly chicken

Really nice music and graphics. There needs to be better wall handling, the guy gets stuck on the walls and it doesn't feel right. Pressing jump while wall hugging should make me jump.

Level 3, it spawned me into a bullet from the Peashooter.

It was kinda fun.

I didn't really understand why sometimes my dude would go FLYING out of the water and other times would do a smaller jump.

I understand that the more you are in the water the lower your jump is, but when I FLEW out of the water it would just seem to be random. I was only able to get out of the first area by luck it seemed.

Also I am not sure why you have a lower jump when you are in the water for too long. I think it would be more fun if you had a HIGHER jump or you were able to use your wings for a moment

MarcoMcG responds:

Thanks for your feedback Starblinky. Yes, there are definitely some issues with mechanical clarity in the game.

The way character movement and jumping changes varies depending on the current medium you are in. If you are mostly a water creature, you will move and jump slowly on land but will be able to swim very quickly and do huge jumps out of water (like a dolphin). Whereas if you’re mostly a land creature your swimming skills will be pretty bad and you won’t be able to jump very well in the water.

It was a well presented game with good music and visuals. My main complaint is with the controls, they are pretty difficult to get ahold of.

You should just have him grind automatically and get rid of V. Because why wouldn't you wanna grind if there's only a pole there? The player should want to interact with the item that's passing by when only 1 item passes at a time.

Also you could get rid of C and just make flip tricks the default for arrow keys.

And then remove holding Z button to go faster and have it do that automatically.

I think this would make it more accessible. For me at least it was a bit difficult to control and remember what key did what

Kinda neat. I beat toxicpirate's level. Where there really only 6 levels? Seemed like it was just a tutorial. It could use some more levels, maybe add some usermade levels to the actual game so we dont have to copy paste everything.

Might even be able to use newgrounds level sharing api to have new levels uploaded instantly in game.

I played it yesterday and it got stuck "loading" the 2nd level. Today it let me passed level 2 but now level 3 stalls on the "loading" level thing. After typing this I found out I can go to the menu and reset level then it works.

It's a nice game though, nice sounds and art. I like the initial intro too.

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