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Fatal mistake.

You had too much reading before any actual gameplay started. Even if it is a text based game, we want to see what hte gameplay is like asap before we dedicate ourselves to reading a bunch of text.

Really fun but actually quite easy. I didn't have to upgrade or buy any new helmets at all, actually I got bored and explored the menus and found out I could so I upgraded my current helmet fully.
Might have been better with like 2 lives or something per go until a complete gameover screen. And starting helmets should give you like 1 or 2 health only to encourage leveling up and buying helmets. That is theoretically something that could make the game funner and even last a bit longer in my opinion.
The only real issue I had with the game was that you can't go to the very bottom of the screen even though the artwork clearly shows an open space for you to travel along. This has got me caught in a bullet a few times. Annoying!

Also I dont even know what the Eye powerup does... Please tell us or update the game with a glossary of the items.

I also would have liked the missions explained better between levels and some more creative missions too.

mm That's all I can think of right now. Sweet game man! I voted 5 it was fun.

DoodleBin responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism. You've given us a lot to look at, hopefully we can take it away and build on it for future games.

This is hilarious how similar this is to my game "Cake Quest" Even the name!! lol!!

The gameplay is also nearly the exact same. Puzzle gameplay, eat to get fat, you can also shrink.
Game was alright, I found the platforming engine to not be up to snuff.

MintPaw responds:

I'll stole it from you obviously!

He should always face the mouse and strafe with a/d. Its silly the way it controls now.

Did we really need to be shown how to kill that final boss? I wanted to figure it out on my own, then bla bla bla more tutorials, don't treat me like an idiot :( I already knew how to beat him anyways and if players figure things out on their own it makes them feel smart. :P = Good game design

wtf just happened?
I killed her leg and she was on the ground kneeling down. I did a medium attack to her face and he fucking misses!? Then all of a sudden she stands up and puts her arms in the air and kills me randomly.. oooookay then.. :\

Wow the guy below me is a bloody moron. The mute button is in the bottom right corner. About the next button? Who cares, jesus; go play some COD if you don't like it.

Game is a cool idea, didn't hold my attention for too long though. Maybe you need more varied levels or level artwork to capture my attention longer. But I did really like how you made the level reset immediately if i fall off and goes next level without waiting too long. Other physics games I can not say the same for.

Very cool and unique, but on level 3 when im in that love hotel, I unlocked all rooms and went into room 1 the last and its just completely white aside from the guy in it who tells me his rooms a mess....... :( Glitch?

SpikeVallentine responds:

Lol what? It's not a glitch.

He's just crazy. He was even cleaning his new broom.

so good

Amazing, my only complaint was that i couldnt copy and paste the texts.


I just had to write a response to the idiots complaining about in game ads. Seriously this site has hit an all time low. Normally the people here are more forgiving but you kids complaining about ads shouldn't even be allowed to come to newgrounds. The ads aren't even intrusive.. they don't stop the gameplay to play an ad so what the fuck are you people whining about?
Christ the stupidity of people on the internet these days..

Anyways the game is great, I have a feeling we'll see some 'took an arrow to the knee' comments though. The first thing I noticed was its a physics game and uses those 'logs' or whatever you want to call them and the graphics for them are nearly identical to that of Angry Birds. So that gave me a good laugh, I figured it was just a complete rip off until I started to play :P Maybe have a bit more original graphics in that regard.

I didn't like how the shot guide took time to finish every time. I had to hold my mouse still every time I want to adjust my shot slightly, its a bit tedious.

Each level seems to end prematurely, if I have tons of points racking up and all the objects are still falling, the level will still end which I found odd and kind of annoying.

not bad

mouse controls are kinda sucky though when your mouse goes off the tiny screen.
Keyboard would be better.

Also wtf.. why do the coins disappear when you pass them!? It takes away all stradegy for the fall back down, also making the fall back down completely pointless from a gameplay standpoint. Bad call there.

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