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Get the fucking menu items out of the way when I'm editing and.. when I'm not editing. They get in the way. Other than that, good game.

I gave this a 1/5 because "this makes poop look good"

FUN game man. Original and novel idea with great controls and physics. Sounds and music were solid and functional.

My only complaint is level design and variation wasn't as good as it could have been. The idea is great though, I hope you expand on it for a sequel.

Hamburgers are good for you if you work out. So are hot dogs. And why am I on a fruit only diet? I'm going to get major diarrhea, and you didn't even include that as a gameplay feature. So I'm going to vote this down.

Also it sucks I can't see my mouse, I kept going out of screen. And it's a bit too easy other than that. But then the upgrades, 100 for the first upgrade? :(

And lastly, why is he falling from the sky? And fruits are falling with him.. ? Was he in a cargo ship that exploded mid air which was carrying fruit?? You might have had a more interesting game if you fleshed it out a bit more.

etalongames responds:

Ок. You too seriously perceive this game and perhaps that is the story of someone's life :)

But... you can trap yourself in the corner..

Sound is fucked! Popping noises were about to blow my speakers. What the heck!

4DXGames responds:

We will definitely look into that, thanks for your feedback

5/5 Really great use of sound effects. I've played these types of games before but none have been this immersive. The way you used the sound effects was just really great, although sometimes I wouldn't get a woosh sound when going through some passage ways.

The speedometer was pretty cool too. You can kinda cheat a bit by turning around in the tunnel though and then it will glitch out a bit. Fun game though.

Yeah sorry I got pissed so i voted 2. :P
How is "point" part of punctuation? I'm Canadian and I've never heard that. Maybe you mean the period "."

And when I use an upgrade it fucking covers the timer with some crap, never ever cover that damn thing. I thought it was going to pause it for me. Nope.

Then died and went to the menu to figure out I needed 25 more diamonds to unlock the next part after playing for a solid while. SO MEH.

Good game otherwise though.

OOkay just one question, what does Miley Cyrus have to do with any of this? I feel like you just kinda shoe horned her in cuz she's relevant right now.
When it said she was the main character I was expecting to get to be attached to a wrecking ball and smashing through her fans or something cool. But nah.

This got boring pretty quick.

Artwork is amazing. The design and layout is amazing.
The gameplay is mediocre although somewhat addictive but I think the music and sound effects and artwork is to thank for that.
Sliding and using jetpack has a very annoying delay which can easily get you killed.
Landing on a platform with spikes like this <[ ] Easily kills you, hit box adjustment?
Paw coin has slight issue with hit box.
Got to the final level.. Now what? I beat all the missions? .. I dont wanna. I want some kind of endgame where i dont have to beat missions. Missions are suppose to be a side quest.
Pointless hats.. Why do devs keep doing this? Yeah it was kinda cute and funny for a while but its over done now.. Think of something better.
I wish the pets had different atributes and controls
The levels were very bland and they repeat themselves too soon. If you created a level editor or something which I'm guessing you did, it should be incredibly easy to make levels super long. And on top of that, there are spikes.. and missiles.. what else?? Nothing.. I want some more ways to die or be challenged.
If the tips of your toes so much as touch the bottom of your screen.. I mean if one pixel touches it.. you die. Why!? Give us some leway, at least half the characters body or his legs even.

Anyway, it was a really nice game to look at. Very beautiful and was kinda fun.

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