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Did you create your own text field for this? I like this game, the puzzles are fun to figure out.

A few suggestions would be to make the icons a bit bigger and to make it so the text field doesn't lose focus when the puzzle changes.

One of my favourite jam games.

Veinom responds:

Thank you so much!

Yes the text field was a huge challenge to do. There was no way for me to make it not lose focus, because then other things would break. It took days for the whole thing work as it does, even with some small compromises (you can't type capital letters for example). But hey, at least you can press Enter to check the answer!

The icons are small because it was supposed to be played fullscreen.

This was so incredibly good. It reminded me of how I felt when I played Broken Age. I normally don't have the patience for adventure games but everything hit right in this one.

Super creative and a joy to play through.

You guys made a great team, I hope to see more from you all

It was fun :)

It was pretty satisfying to play. I liked collecting those orbs and the controls felt pretty nice and great audio.

It would be cool you designed the levels where using the speed boost would allow you to make significant short cuts.

LVGames responds:

That's a very good idea. Speed boost shortcuts!

Okay so I died instantly then went into the 3D part with tons of hallways.. I walked around for like 5 minutes, is that it then? What am I supposed to do?

edit: oh just checked when this was uploaded :<

larrynachos responds:

Unlock characters escape via door

How big is the file size? Seems like the Ruffle player won't even load. I don't get a white screen, just black. As if Ruffle hasn't even loaded.

I'll post in the Ruffle discord, maybe it's a Ruffle issue

RunningZombie responds:

actionscript 3 doesn't work with well with ruffle.

This is really good! I definitely could see the effort put into making this feel like a SNES game. Like the shop menu was 100% something you would see in a SNES game. Super nostalgic in that way.

I liked the gameplay too, it was a clever idea and cool mash up of genres.

Surprised the game is free honestly.

I fucking love the concept behind this. And the way its presented is really really well done. I love the lobby/intermission area and the wise cracking receptionist.

It's all laid out very thoughtfully. The fighting is pretty fun. It would be cool though if there was a bit more strategy behind the attacks or why I might want to use a certain attack. I like that it gets a lot harder later forcing you to use the shield, it would be cool to have more situations where I really have to use a certain shape.

Overall I really liked it. Cute game, fun ideas and really reminds me of classic indie games I used to play on the Macintosh when I was young

Stepford responds:

Thank you so much!

Andyl4nd responds:

Thank you, appreciate the feedback!

I enjoyed tormenting Pico into rummaging through the trash :D

The ghost almost gameover'd me twice.. I thought I might have to shoot Nene in the face so like, her ghost could fight the other ghost or something. ‚ÄčI ended up killing her anyway in the end :O By accident though!

Got to the end and died instantly. I loved the voice acting and the addition of some newer Newgrounds stuff. Great remake, I'm gonna have to come back to finish (what I assume is) the final fight though.

Also, as someone who's also making a game in Actionscript 2... You have my sympathy! This game is a huge undertaking especially in Flash. Great work 10/10

ooooo, please do more of these! This was so cool and I like how it eventually just turned into dogs

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