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Man I feel like this could have been made by Joe Cartoons. Its pretty cool and totally takes me back.

I'm really bad at saving the people btw

Cyberdevil responds:

That's an awesome compliment man. :) Thank you.

Protip: if you're using a mouse it may actually be easier to save them by order of altitude, swooping from side to side, than to move up and down between the nearest ones.

It looks like it would be a really cool version of this genre but I'm not getting any beats (arrows) coming down. I only get like 5 near the start of the song then that's it. I started it over again 5 times, same thing happens :(

I really wanna play this though! Looks like it'd be really good.

Edit: Haven’t played the new version yet but I will try it later tonight :)
Glad you were able to update the game

Edit: okay just beat it :)
Was pretty cool, loved the songs and the theme, its a bit hard on mobile to physically move your thumbs that fast but I did okay. I know Ruffle can do multitouch somehow... I saw someone submitted a game with it, I think that would help with the issue where sometimes when using 2 fingers it wont register 1 press.

Glad you were able to finish the game as it was meant to be. Its pretty good! (Also pretty hard)

BrandyBuizel responds:

The full song is now playable, sorry about that. Your persistence helped push me to finish the game :)

I regrettably had to rush publishing the game to make it in as part of the Flash Forward Jam, but I've spent the last few days cleaning up the game to be in a more fun/complete form so please enjoy!

That sucks you can't play in Ruffle :(

Could you upload this to your File Dump and link for us? I'd like to download and play

NO! I died trying to shift gears! I really like the animations and the character designs are pretty cool. Its super cute.

The actual story/animation ideas were really funny, I liked how the cop car turns into the restaurant guys.

--- Okay tried again and died on the gas pedal D;
--- okay again on the space bar. What the heck wasn't expecting that.

The sounds/music were really nice too, I might have to come back to finish this. I want to see the end.

RobC3 responds:

Hi! thanks for all the encouraging comments. Thanks for playing and I wish you good luck on your Jam submission as well.

Collect ALL wealth!

How did you even do the background movement in Ruffle? tf.

I feel like im playing meatboy or something, definitely was swearing a lot playing it!

I got to level 4 after like 15 min. I'm grateful that you made the wealth save after I bring it back.

Cool game, cool presentation

Edit: oh yeah, i dno why I didn’t consider using a gif, and yes I had fun.

HapPie responds:

Backgrounds are just gifs I made elsewhere, hope you had a fair bit of fun swearing.

Really well done, loved the animations man! It's really starting to feel like 2010 again (in a good way). It's a bit tricky to control the hero, I only managed to get to 41. The parallax and camera work is just really quite perfect, you knocked it out of the park there.

The animations were so buttery smooth and was just fun to watch myself get blown up by each different enemy.

I really liked how you could bind your own keys too, some next level Flash'ing right here

You did a pretty good job of making a Newgrounds themed game, I liked how the tanks became animated check points. The portal graphics were really cool too!

And is the skeleton in the car from Fallen Angel?
Is that CD possible to get btw? I've tried so many times!

Blounty responds:

The CD is possible to get if you use the jumping platform that dissapears, it's a once per game attempt though.

The skeleton car is from tankmen.

Thanks for the review!

Grr I have 4 left and I am SO FED UP!!


Love you guys, can't wait to see what your big project is.

Edit: 3 left now D:

Dude.. THIS is what Newgrounds use to be. This is the type of creativity we use to get back in the day, every week there would be some insane new game that some absolute genius cooks up.

THIS is why I came to Newgrounds when I was a young kid and THIS is why I chose to make my own games. This reminded me so much of what made Newgrounds special, what made Flash games special.

Thanks for sharing this man. It brought back a lot of great memories of coming to Newgrounds after school and playing all these crazy games and just always being in awe.. and eventually inspired to create my own..

Are you planning on turning this into a full game?

dietzribi responds:

Wow! Thanks a lot for this! I grew up on Newgrounds and it's a huge part of the reason I make games :)

We ARE planning on turning this into a full game, but we want our first "real" game to be something new that we've been thinking about for some time now. Hopefully if everything works out, a full version of Toodee and Topdee might be our second "real" game :)

Hello sir. I liked your game. I actually had the same idea for a game but I couldn't think of a way to so elegantly create it as you did.

Although there are a few flaws in your game I think.
One is that, this obviously shows a lot of parallels to the board game Guess Who? but there is no way for me to "rule out" someone or mark them down as unlikely. I swear to god I had to keep going back and forth looking at each guy and I would forget if I ruled someone out or not so I had to keep checking the same guys. Part of the addictive nature of games like minesweeper and Guess Who? is marking down the spots you think are correct or incorrect and eventually you are just left with a few options.
The way you did it was just kind of frustrating for me.

And as other people said it was sort of hard to tell from the picture if the guy was "muscular", "plate shaped head" or whatever. Sometimes they wore beards and hats and you couldn't tell at all. I'm assuming you left it this way by design so there is more potentially guilty Winkles but it's kind of frustrating when you cant rule out guys, so it just feels overwhelming.

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