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Actually really damn good and fun. But I take off 0.5 star because I died from being in a clouds shadow? I think? Like a huge shadow.

I had no idea I was even getting hurt. Only complaint is it doesn't really tell you good enough when you are getting hurt.

I wish listed cuz it reminds me of the good PC indie games you'd get in the Popcap games days. Its not a new concept but its done very well.

Edit: I played again and got too cocky. DAMN IT. I was doing soo good, I wanted to fully upgrade the butterflies :( :( :(

Edit2: the mega troll killed me I think? He smashed his big hammer, not sure how big the area of effect is for that. I wasnt close to the hammer when it hit, but I was close to the troll, so I dno what else killed me there? Again the main issue I have is with knowing how and when you are getting hurt. It's still fun but it leads to annoying deaths and loss of progress/feeling cheated even. Still a great game.

Edit3: I BEAT IT!! I am the best. Great game. Will probably buy. I increased score to 5 from 4.5. I never normally come back to play a game. Thanks for that

NightSteed responds:

Thanks for feedback. Whenever you lose health, there is a couple of things indicating you got hit. Except for a health bar changing (which is obvious) there is a groan sound played + the champion gets highlighted in red for a short moment, which might be a little bit less readable when walking in a shade of the Frenzied Cloudlet. The sound effect might also go unnoticed if there are a lot of things (sound played) going around. We’ll keep that in mind and think about making some improvements. We appreciate you taking a moment to share your opinion on this!

I found the dash a bit hard to use just with the controls layout. Im sure using a controller would fix that for me though.

I like the music.


Aprime responds:

Thanks Mr Burns

If you love Flanders Killer - please become a fan http://aprime.newgrounds.com/follow :)

Really like the concept. It was fun. Will come back to play more later.
My only complaint was the first level, it was confusing at first because I didn't know you could collect more bombs.

Nice game though, I like blowing stuff up.

Holy crap dude this feels soo smooth and nice. Really enjoyed this a lot, its so polished like this should probably be on Switch, Steam, PSN, etc

Yword responds:

Thank you so much! :)

Very fun and cute 10/10

This is really fun. Its definitely hard though. There's 1 level that spawns at the beginning that is annoying, the one with the spikes that fall and you have like 2 jump pads. It's annoying cuz the camera quickly jerks forward so it becomes harder than it should be to orientate yourself.

Good fun though, I like the levels and randomness.

Edit: all the levels where the camera jerk forward with spikes below you are very annoying to die to.

Edit: the variety of levels is impressive

The idiot mosquito hit me. I got 80s tho

I liked the boss battles. Fun game

This is my new favourite game

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