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really great

Quite a lot of fun !

I don't actually have any real complaints, other than maybe having different pinatas to smack around. Especially after beating the game I should get to choose a different pinata at least some kind of small but meaningful change for after you beat the game.

myplayyard responds:

Great idea.

ok seriously

This game is so good and full of charm. But I'm thoroughly pissed off there is no Mac version, GET TO IT, make me my mac version NAO!!


it was fun until the boss, its WAY too hard to beat. You shouldn't have made that stupid mask thing into a homing missile, it should just detect where you are and then go straight toward your last position. It's too hard at that part man.

Seriously fix that.


I personally loved it. From the clever name of the game to the gameplay and graphics. It was really fun.

My only complaint was having to check off where I just visited in the map, it should do that on its own. Kinda frustrated me a bit.

Also why would my wife ask me that at the end "are you happy about that?" no of course Im not fucking happy about it why the fuck are you asking me if I'm happy about going back to work tomorrow?

I love it

Its genius. I love all your games by you guys.

But something in this game that has been in quite a few other flash games as of late. When your mouse scrolls outside of the flash box, it auto sends the mouse position to 0,0. Which has killed me many times already not just in this game.

I wonder if this is Mac only users that experience this? And if there is a way to fix it other then click+holding the mouse at all times. I gave a 9/10 because of this glitch, I'm sure there's some way to fix it with programming.

I gave 5/5 and fav'd :)


You seriously need to fix the glitch where all your units get erased when you evolve. It's impossible to win like that. I'm not sure if its a glitch or part of your design.. I don't know how you would have missed that glitch though.

Needs to be fixed asap. I won't vote until its fixed, but for now its 5/10 since its unplayable pretty much as is.

It will be a 10/10 5/5 when fixed. The opening cut scene was hilarious and unexpected, I seriously cant wait to play this (once its fixed).

good fun

Played it for over an hour.
Not sure if its actually beatable or not..

But anyway some things that you could fix are when you land on a bosses head and smash his face, once you kill him you get shot up really fast but your completely vulnerable after you get shot up, and most of the time there is an enemy directly above the bosses head. Id prefer if after you kill a boss you have the same invulnerability you have as when you hit the bottom of a topped spike character.

Also I really love the physics of the platforms and enemies. Its really used well.

So anyway, great game I really had fun playing it. Id really like to know if theres an end to it though.


Amazing masterpiece you normally only see on consoles.

Integrated tutorial is perfect, music transitions is perfect, graphics are perfect, game is fun as hell and introduces new aspects as you would expect them as to not overload the player with information.

Game is superb, great job!


i got 55

This is classic snake I guess..

accept for the bugs.. I shouldnt kill myself by moving directly toward my tail as if I am eating myself.

great time

Such a great game. Had a smile on my face most of the time playing it.

The last door I got through it by going over it? Is that how you're suppose to do it? Or maybe I broke through it, but was just really high up.

Anyway, I loved it, (L) juicy beast!

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