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this is good

This is the best of the Shift series. It was really really really well made and polished.

My issue was with the levels, the first 15 or so levels all seemed like they were just tutorial levels, they weren't puzzle oriented at all, it was just going through the level. I was starting to feel like quitting, since there was no challenge.

Then the puzzles started to come, and the difficulty curve went up waaay to fast. Its like it went easy as hell the first 15 levels, then the difficulty just sky rockets.

It's a great game though! I am really happy to see you move the series in a different direction. I hope to see more like this one in the future.

so close but yet so far

Way too many issues to be fun..

The art was great, although I am not sure what i think of mixing pixel art with vector..

But there are far too many issues, for instance if a cart gets detached, the wheels will keep moving in the last direction they were spinning. Constantly, as if they have a motor...

Another thing, the ending bit where I have to lift up all the items? This might be okay if it were easier, but seriously, I just knocked over one of my crates that I so carefully brought here, and now I cant pick it up because its behind my truck.

So i loaded everything else up and started on my way again, but I pressed space bar and the stupid crane smacked down onto my guy KILLING HIM!? I mean I figured I had already beat the level and clear of all dangers.. I guess not eh? So anyways, now my guy is dead but I can still control the car, yet the camera doesnt follow the car, it only follows the guy. So I move the car to the end and it says I win.. Yet it doesn't move to the next screen and I'm stuck looking at my dead guy...

Also for the first level, it seems impossible to get the treasure chest.. Unless you have to go back and get it? But that seems kind of odd request for the player on his first level, it would only frustrate the player.

Hope you make these fixes, great game.. Just has some bad issues. Fixing issues would give you a 9/10 or 10/10


So I got to the pipe and went inside of it. And then it changed to the guy :P

Do I win?

really great

The first good RTS in flash. Or one of the first.

Only thing is, it should be online.. Because there is hardly any challenge with this AI and level design. I quit after level 15 or around there. It was just far too easy.

Also I should be able to select multiple units by holding down shift similar to in starcraft 2. Also the AI is a bit weird for my guys, when I want them to attack sometimes they just stand around harvesting spaces.

Also when I select a bunch of units and my mouse goes off the screen, it deselects everything I was trying to select. So that could be fixed also.

Other then that, its a great concept and was pretty fun for a while. Great for casual players, but honestly it needs to have more of a challenge.

Oh and btw, the in game tutorial is amazing. First one I actually read and didn't get annoyed by it.

so highly polished

This is such a highly polished game. This is the quality you should see in payed pc games. Such a good job on details.

A few glitches here and there, but nothing too bad. The music is great, graphics perfect, the only thing lacking is the gameplay gets a little boring. I wish there were more types of brains or ways to play with the zombies.

Great effort though. Really fun to play.


pretty fun
I played until level 5.

When the circle that detects how well you did starts drawing, I think it should start drawing from the point where you started drawing your circle.. Because it can sometimes go off course a bit. Also the detection circle seems to goof up some of the time, where it should have turned green it actually turns red..

You also desperately need some music. If there were some catchy music, I probably would have played until I beat the game.. It's a shame.

The game wasn't bad though, I had fun.


why cant I upgrade everything.. I know I can hit keep playing.. But its boring once I've already won.. Seriously why not make it harder so I can upgrade everything! Too boring once I beat it, I wanted that jetpack.. gave up around 500 gems

BoMToons responds:

the boss gets harder the more you keep going...

best mario yet!

Better then any of the console games!!

Id give it 100/10 if I could! Best level design I have ever seen!!

quite good

I like this, highly polished and super duper fun!

I think people just instantly vote 0 when they see its a tower defense game, which is bullshit because this game is pretty awesome.

:) Voted 5 :)

good game but..

There are tons of things you can improve on. For example why do my units run outside my base after I make them. They should stay inside the base until I tell them to move out, this way I can build them up in case the enemy has piled up units in front of my base and I cant get out.

It might be possible to get out of this situation if I could build like 5 units at the same time and time them to come out all at once, but you can't really time them because there is nothing explaining how long they take to come out. Same for building structures and upgrades. So basically if you dont have a archers tower, your screwed if this happens to you.

Which is another imbalance, once the enemy has an archers tower, melee units become useless for base attacking. They will die within seconds only after getting a few hits off.

Another thing I consider to be a huge blunder. You have so much damn space on the screen! So why do all the units insist on walking in a straight line, piling on top of each other, I can't even tell how many units are attacking me or how many I have left in my pile. They really need to be spread out more so I can see all my units and their units.

Also you need hot keys for attacking retreating and hold position. These were my most used buttons.

It's a great game and all, but needs lots of fixes.

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