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upcoming projects

2012-06-07 07:29:03 by starBlinky

Working on two games right now, ones a sequel to the first game I ever made called Knight.
Here's a screeny below!

I'm taking a break from that one though so I can work on a smaller game codenamed "CatBurglar"
Here's a screeny for CatBurglar, just the menu system! Not fully colored yet,

Been working full time so I haven't had much time to work on these games but they will get finished eventually :)

upcoming projects

Pixeland is ONLINE!!

2011-03-18 18:42:55 by starBlinky


Play pixeland NOW!! DO IT

Also vote 10 because I love you ^ ^
It will be on Newgrounds soon too. Let me know what you think of it! :D

Pixeland is ONLINE!!


2011-03-18 18:36:43 by starBlinky

Get ready for....


New game finished!

2011-02-06 03:43:03 by starBlinky

Just finished my next game :D Inspired by MeatBoy and EverybodyEdits

It's awaiting sponsorship right now on FGL.
Follow my twitter for updates: @starblinky

New game finished!

New game and.. MARIO!

2010-10-26 05:52:15 by starBlinky

I was chosen to design the levels for the Halloween version of Mario Star Scramble, you should definitely try it out. Make sure to vote 5 and leave a nice comment.

Click to play MARIO!

My next game Pixeland [working title] will be coming out soon. Here's an image of the in game level editor. I'll probably hold a contest to see who can make the best/hardest levels. You can follow me on twitter @starblinky to stay updated.

In the mean time, enjoy the screen shot!

New game and.. MARIO!

Posted this in the forums, thought I'd post it in my blog too.

I just made this game in about an hour. and I thought you guys might enjoy it. its VERY FUN. my high score is 75 points, CAN YOU BEAT IT!?!? /5784_thisgameisgay.php

CannonBlaster 3 is online!!

2008-12-12 17:41:54 by starBlinky

Its finally online!! Its been over 3 months since I started CannonBlaster 3.. and its finally online!!

Please give me your thoughts on the game in the comments, thanks!!

Link to CannonBlaster 3 aster-3.html

or you can play it in my "Flash" section, I just posted the game on Newgrounds

CannonBlaster 3 (2 month project)

2008-11-28 04:56:27 by starBlinky

CannonBlaster 3 is a game I've been making for over 2 months now, and I had just finished a little over a week ago. This is a little preview into the game and all the hard work that went into it.

Screenshots: 493_Picture_1.png 546_Picture_2.png 553_Picture_3.png 560_Picture_4.png 788_Picture_5.png 575_Picture_9.png

Here is a link to one of the songs found exclusively in CannonBlaster 3: /187178

Game Features:
-27 levels
-12 unlockable costumes
-9 vehical levels
-3 different types of vehicals
-6 achievements to unlock
-online scoreboard
+lots more

CannonBlaster 1: aster.html
CannonBlaster 2: aster2.html

You can expect to play CannonBlaster 3 very soon, I will post a link to it soon (in about a week or so) on my blog - here -

CannonBlaster 3 [teaser]

2008-10-26 20:03:35 by starBlinky

Woohoo! This is my first news post! :3

Okay, so I wanted to give you guys a teaser for my next game CannonBlaster 3. You can play CannonBlaster 1 and CannonBlaster 2 in my profile.

Click these links for high quality screenshots 0957_Picture_1.png 1000_Picture_3.png 0989_Picture_2.png

There's still so much to do for this game, and I've been working on it forever! I should be done all the Jungle levels in a week or so, and then I start the last 12 levels of the game. After the menus and sounds go in, there will be a final polish and final testing, then I'm done!

Expect to hear more about this game in the future.


CannonBlaster 3 [teaser]