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CannonBlaster 3 (2 month project)

Posted by Starblinky - November 28th, 2008

CannonBlaster 3 is a game I've been making for over 2 months now, and I had just finished a little over a week ago. This is a little preview into the game and all the hard work that went into it.

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/3908/5 493_Picture_1.png
http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/3908/5 546_Picture_2.png
http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/3908/5 553_Picture_3.png
http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/3908/5 560_Picture_4.png
http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/3908/5 788_Picture_5.png
http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/3908/5 575_Picture_9.png

Here is a link to one of the songs found exclusively in CannonBlaster 3: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /187178

Game Features:
-27 levels
-12 unlockable costumes
-9 vehical levels
-3 different types of vehicals
-6 achievements to unlock
-online scoreboard
+lots more

CannonBlaster 1: http://www.addictinggames.com/cannonbl aster.html
CannonBlaster 2: http://www.addictinggames.com/cannonbl aster2.html

You can expect to play CannonBlaster 3 very soon, I will post a link to it soon (in about a week or so) on my blog - here - http://starblinky.newgrounds.com/


You have all these great images for the jewels, and the backgrounds. Why are the character and, I presume, enemy designs so bland?


.. cuz I drew them. I drew the jewels, but I had an artist do the backgrounds. Man I am not an artist, so I did the best I could..

and how are they bland?... I thought I did a really good job.. ah well, we arent all as good of an artist as you are MRat

Man, you don't have to be a great artist to get a little creative. I wasn't ragging on you anyway. It just seems like you half-assed the stuff that you needed to animate. It contrasts sharply with the other more well rendered elements in the foreground.

The designs I mentioned are bland because they're the same old thing I've seen 100 times before. They just don't seem all that inspired. Why is the wizard a stereotypical wizard? The spaceman looks like any old spaceman. The normal guy has frizzy hair, a circle for a head and stiff clothes.

I just think you could have come up with some ideas that were a little farther from the norm. This IS a game where you fire people out of a cannon, isn't it? Why not apply that sort of whimsy to the way things look?

haha okay, thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, I just posted the 'costumes' i liked best. There are lots more, but yeah you are right, I did rush the costumes some-what, but the enemy drawings I thought weren't bland at all! Maybe the snake is, even though I spent 2 weeks drawings him.. lol I suck.

But yeah, thanks for the feedback. Even though I am not an artist I still had lots of fun drawing everything and making the game, and hopefully when people play the game they have fun too.

I also offered everyone I could to draw their own characters for the game, but no one pulled through really, except my background artist who made one that wasnt very original. ha she just did my main character with different hair. Anyhow, you can create one too if you want, let me know if you're interested.



Awesome! This looks like an award winning material!

haha thanks

you know, this cannonblaster game looks like the old donkey kong game(for SNES, if that makes it easier to remeber), the barrel stuff you know? You had to do the very same thing... but you didn't controled the cannons, if i remember well :)

yup thats where I got the idea from, I thought id change it up a bit. Its very different from the DK games.

Well you had fun, and that's what counts. Besides, none of it is bad. I just thought it could have been more unique.

Regardless, I'll be playing when it hits the portal.

haha okay fair enough. it could have been more unique yeah true, maybe next time I'll hire an artist to do ALL of the art. :P

thanks for the feedback

hey how did you get your game on addictinggames? was there a long submission process?

yeaaah, they are completely booked until January. Actually I was pretty pissed when I found out. They should reply within a week though, if they dont reply then they likely have already seen your game and rejected.