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I just bought this game! AND OMG!

It's one of the worst games I've played in years. GameFreak should retire. Or whoevers making these now.

Animation was great but the story in the end was weak. What was the point of him being blind if the cat just ended up getting a make over to look like the other cat?
It would have made more sense if he just went to the owner of the dead cat without a make over, it's a cartoon so we can suspend some disbelief for questions like wouldn't he notice the fur is a bit different?
Going straight to the owner wouldn't have been very interesting though, you would have had to show the new cat doing something to honor the fallen kitty. Actually you should have done that anyways. Right now it just seems like the kitty is just taking advantage of the dead cat even after he fed him for years. You could have reversed this by seeing the owner actually feeling sorrow and thus being what gets the new kitty to take over.

And like someone else said, the music wasn't fitting for the end.

The story had potential but wasn't seen through. It wasn't very good in my opinion.

This was horrible! Just kidding, it was good. I laughed.

There's already a game/device like this, it's called Rez ^_^
Look it up!
I liked the guys voice, was funny.

hahaa, stop stealing MY THUNDAHR!!!1

Make more right now! I dont care if you have to bring in slave animators from china but I wanna see one of these every week! Get on it!

Well I give animation and music etc a 4 or 5/5. The story was actually a good idea but didn't work very well with the way you did it. I guess it's fine if you want to make a heart touching film but I believe you have to show the characters actually being happy together and we have to feel that happiness if we are going to feel the sadness. In my opinion you can't just jump into a sad scene like that or people just wont really care. There's a reason I don't watch those "give Africa children money" shows, or "save these poor dying puppies". Sure I care for them but damn do you have to make me feel like shit before I donate? And no matter how much I donate there's always going to be more dying children (This metaphor makes no sense I know).

I'll admit though if I read the comic regularly I probably would have really enjoyed it. But as a short by itself, it needs more. It did entertain me though and I appreciate that. Keep up the hard work, it will pay off. This shows a ton of potential.


This made me sad :( I felt like there was a nice idea somewhere in here and the build up was good.. then the guy says an alright joke.. and that was it. They should have talked more or something.

Also the guys ass doesn't even have an anus? It looked odd. Had such a great opportunity to draw a mans anus and you did not even do that! :(

Good day to you sir, that is all I have to say now. Good day.

It was good until..

It was good until you added sound effects for the fighting parts.

I would have enjoyed it a lot more if you did all the punches and fighting to the beat of the music, like the previous parts of the movie.

The sound effects really took all the attention away from the music and turned the video into some generic fighting video. There are far too many of those on newgrounds.

Arch-Angel responds:

I agree to an extent.
sound effects were never my strong spot. and I should've had them fight to the music...huh. next time.
thanks for your review!


It made me laugh again. You are good at making people laugh.

ps: I haven't sent you an email yet.. guess I'm stuck coming here forever.. :(

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