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I don't think I've ever given a 10 in my reviews, but this was amazing. I would like to watch this sort of thing on TV. The only complaint I had was the walking animation of the waitress, maybe she was on roller blades or something.

You should pitch this to the Cartoon Network. They really like unique things like this. Also your art style is so amazing, everything just worked.. great movie.

sexysexybicycle responds:

Yes... roller blades. Exactly.

I actually draw a lot of inspiration from Horse Movies, which is on adult swim. That would be tits.


this is by far the coolest thing ive ever seen in my entire life


I live in Vancouver BC.. and its horrible to know we are doing thtis type of thing to the world around us, this effects the world not just BC.. I hate to hear this type of thing.. very good animation though and good naration, very informative.. ill tell my parents to not buy farmed salmon

Very good

Amazingly well done, man I thought this toon was dead, every year or so I'd check back at your site.. and still nothing.. Im glad its finally done! And wow its really really good!

The best part is how realistic you made everything.. like how the submarine rockets come out of the water their weight pulls them back down once out of the water, these kind of touches are very rarely seen in flash movies..

The only problem I had with this was the voice actress, you can spend probably around $200 bux or so for a high quality voice actor.

Great job man.


I thought he was going to drive the van through the door or something. lol that was way better though, great job, made me laugh :)


those mac ads were starting to get on my nerves, and thank you for not using the shit piano music in every mac ad. Also thank you for not being bias, most MAC ad parodies basically say MAC is shit, when, well, it isn't. I love macs, but hate those ads! So thanks.

Bobert-Rob responds:

See, I KNEW there were mac supporters out there who hate the commercials. I have no idea who they're trying to fool with the commercials, honestly... well, besides dumb people. The sheep that just need a few well placed words and they're sold on something without knowing the whole story. Yay for filtering information so it supports you! Thanks for the review.


pretty good. I liked the story and idea. Maybe if you set the flash drawings alpha to 80 percent or something, it would look more realistic, as if you actually drew them.

Almost perfect

The animation, the mood, music, sound, everything was perfect. Except for one thing.. The movie started out about the boy with his pet.. Then the movie ended with Jimmy the Spleen, making it about HIM instead of the boy and his pet.

The boy was more of an interesting character anyways, so it would have been better to see what he would have done if Jimmy had actually died, or just fainted and he thought he was dead.

Anyways, if you fix up the storyline focus, I could see this on the cartoon network easily.


Luis' birthday is on the 19th!?! Mine is today too!! bahah! sweeet duuude. I just celebrated my Birthday, twas a good one.

Great movie btw

Very good

I gave 3 for humor, because I thought in that one seen of her bending over the counter and basically collapsing; there was a calendar in the background like, the size of the wall, its huge!! haha.

The send thing I'd like to say is a different way I may have ended it. After she falls off the building, you could have showed her bed (like you did), then have her fall onto it smiling, then a couple seconds later a guy sort of falls(jumps) onto her playfully and holds her kind of.
It would be like the guy sort of saved her from death, because life is totally meaningless without him. Yup. Loved the movie though, and the song!

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