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I really liked this. It was good


yaaaa so true. I have no idea what the kids are saying either and same with this shit, I think he says "why did you do that? I didnt say I was ready yet"

SOCOM has a lot of kids like this, fucking annoying little buggers. But whats more annoying is all the idiots who basically spam swear words "FUCKN FAG FAG FAG FUCK FUCK FUCK FAG FAG FUCK YOU FAG FAG FAG FAG"

I prefer little kids then listen to that!

nice video

You don't need to apologize. Seriously, it is hard to get people to volunteer their time for stuff like this. You did a great job with whats there, its too bad this didn't get off the ground.

Although for me I thought the CG backgrounds didn't look right, but that's okay it wasn't even a finished product any ways. You will do great things I'm sure, and maybe this video will be a call out to artists that are interested. Anyways, I think if you spent so long trying to get this thing going, maybe you shouldnt give up. Perhaps just make it less ambitious, take out the 3D stuff and get an artist that isn't 'high end'.

Just some suggestions

Nanashi responds:

The 3D isn't a problem, really. It actually makes things a lot easier. There is no way in HELL I'd be able to hand animate the kind of action the script calls for.

I'd sure hope this helped flag down a good artist. I had considered doing a preview for just that, but I didn't think it would do even this good without characters to carry the story.

Did I mention I have voice actors for each part already? >_<


it reminds me of Bevis and Butthead. This was weird though, didnt watch the whole thing.. it was too fucked up.

n e ways, my gf works at walmart so I know all about the assholes there and crazy shoppers

lol k

I love the disclaimer at the beginning. Its like "please don't steal my movie, btw I stole the sprites"

btw the ending was crazy. Maybe next time have the opening scenes just 1 life, where its the really old school gameplay then after 1 death or after hes about to die then the crazy fight scene happens


I think the joke of making crappy movies and slapping them on the front page is funnier then the actual movies.


I think this is the 2nd 10/10 I have ever given on Newgrounds. I watched this movie all the way through, and WOW it was a VERY good movie/musical!! The drawings and animation were very charming and worked really well, it had all the charm as the older SouthPark episodes. The music was also very catchy and clever lyrics.

Also a suggestion: For Santas sleigh, maybe it should say 7.3 instead of 7.4, because right before they show the sleigh, the singer rhymes with 3.

lol and chapter 8 really cracked me up. "this is just like a bugs life!!" lol.. oh man..

Anyways, I REALLY hope you win this competition on newgrounds, you really deserve it. Every inch of effort you put into this movie was well worth it, and I really cant wait till next year to watch the next one.

:) :) :)
Merry Xmas

You will get a 10

I LOVED this.. amazing work my friend, but I think it's a lot better as a 'preview' or 'trailer' then an actual episode, in my opinion it focused too much on the mom. But it was still a very touching movie and I still think it was well-written and top-notch animation and great-suiting voice actors too!

Very good movie, I REALLY want to see another one!! You could have the next series here, like XOMBIE, Ninjai, Gunchest etc.


is this like a clock crew movie or something? how was this in the top 100 of all time.. seriously..

the song was nice.. but there was so little effort put into this movie.. and I didnt really find it funny either.. if thats what it was suppose to be.... funny.. ??


it didnt play the audio for me the first time,

but any ways this is one of my pet peeves man! The fact that the movie makes you sit and watch 60 seconds worth of crap before it even starts! I am on the internet, I dont want sit a watch 60 seconds of words on the screen before a movie starts that may well be shit.. its okay for theatrical movies to do this because you pay 10 bux to see the damn movie and you wont just leave because of opening credits.. but for a flash movie..

haha, ok n e ways, I had to get that off my chest... good movie though, very creative mind you have.

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