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I thought it was good.. it got a little boring and repetitive seeing the zombies die the same way every time. Also I thought it was a little strange that the zombies; when they die, would fall <b>overtop</b> of your health bar screen at the bottom.
One more thing.. the zombie crawlers.. lol.. when they attack you, their mouths go up to your crotch and it makes a strange sucking noise... lol.. it was pretty funny.. was that intentional? I thought it was pretty sweet. lol and it made me more scared of the zombies

Looks like it would be fun

But the game wouldn't work on my mac.. It doesn't let me fire.

derekbeau responds:

Sorry, I don't currently have a mac to test on. It could be an issue with your version of Flash Player or maybe the type of mouse you are using. I really have no idea.

good but

it pissed me off pretty bad.... the changes need to be more obvious....

also you screwed up on the one with the bells. like the guy said before me. liked the music though.


Hey James.. 9 years ago if I said id be reviewing your game in the future i wouldnt believe it... but Its strange how things work out sometimes..

Me and my friends use to play this game on my mac ALL the time. Everyday they would come over and we would play BILL THE DEMON! However we could never ever.. ever beat the damn game. So the more frustrated we got.. the more we played it.

This flash version didnt work very smoothly at all in my browser window but remembering the fantastic time i had playing this.. the beautiful memories.. of bill the demon.. of course must receive a perfect score.

thanks james for making this. It probably wasted 2 months of my life trying to beat it (still unbeaten); but it was damn worth it.


it was good.. but i couldnt do the double jump plus pressing down gap..
the double jump thing is too hard and glitchy and hardly ever even works....
fix that so i can get over that big jump at the begginning.. i really wanted to play the game but that jump pissed me off so bad i just quit.

The-Mercenary responds:

I updated it so you can skip the tutorial and there wont be too many more parts where you have to make huge jumps and Play on low quality PLEASE.


good graphics
ive seen this style a million times
good sound
good violence
interactivity was good, however i could never figure it out unless i read the instructions.. now cmon, what hardcore gamer reads the instructions?
Humor none
overall 5

you most of all need to make the controlls easier to use, also somehow make this thing run a heck of a lot faster.

one last thing, i hated just sitting there battling random robots, you need to add different types of robots like flying ones, really small ones, one hit ones, ones that blow up, spinning ones, swimming ones, also making the walkable area much larger.

ive seen and played all of these games, and I am still not as impressed as i should be. I know you are talented; you just need to fix some things

ok but

are you supose to be able to get in the vehicle? it doesnt let me get in
err otherwise great game..
fix that.
because it fucking pissed me off i couldnt get in it
and there should be guys on my team trying to steal their flag. And rocks and things that stop bullits and you have to jump over them or hide behind them etc.

n e ways fix that vehicle bullshit, it pissed me off. sorry

i loved the game tho
cant wait for the second one

well good game but...

too many glitches with the sound.. and when you enter rooms the guys notice you before you even move anywhere.. and you took my ideas without crediting me damnit! you dick muncher blocking me.. n e ways.. make LESS GUYS and more of a puzzle.. like a mazze... the more guys you have on the screen the slower the game runs.. anyways..
nice try... try again

this deserves a way better score

man good flippin job! it pissed me off i got to the end guy with 1 more hit on him to go then i died! argh!! great job!! keep them comin! oh and i always keep my options available so if you ever need help with graphics or animation drop me an Email


i gave u an overall zero because it wouldnt let me play.. i could only use the break key..

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