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Its pretty good. I like the dialogues, they were pretty funny. I played for about 15 min.
I got a few floors into the building and have to stop playing for now.

A couple things I noticed was there was no tutorial for the controls. And there was no music in the first part of the game. So maybe those parts can be improved.

I would like to see more story/character based games from you in the future as I think you write great dialogue.

AdaOutOfLine responds:

Thank you so much for playing!! I added controls to the description. And I'm not sure why there was no music for you there definitely should be :(

I can get to the 3rd island and it seems impossible to beat that?

Also, theres a bug where pressing Reset can make your bridge block disappear.
Even after reloading the game, that bridge block is still gone. This is making me think that I must have hit reset early on and another one disappeared making it impossible.

I really want to play this. If this is fixed, and game is beatable, this is a 5/5 game.

Edit: I erased my save and was able to beat that part I was stuck at now. Because the block came back and also because I realized how to do it. That's a pretty bad bug though.

Edit2: theres no switch here for me to get to? https://imgur.com/lVc63Zq
Not sure what to do there.

Edit3: okay beat the first world. I didn't realize that the switches were powering the island and the island was powering the bridge blocks. I thought the switches were just powering the bridge blocks. So I didn't really have all the info to beat the level, I just kinda fell into the solution.

It's got good qualities to the game, I really liked parts of it. Pretty well polished. I'll give 4.5 for now. There were definitely a few issues that hurt the experience but overall its good.

Eydi responds:

Glad you liked it!
As for the issue you described: that is not a bug, but an intended game state, also seen in some other sokoban games. You can undo it by pressing Z - erasing save was not necessary, though I appreciate your patience

Nice path finding. Cool game but would enjoy it if I didnt have to click on the pizza every time to buy it. Coool game

Edit: awesome work! Had fun on my ipad

clarkiagames responds:

Thanks for your support! Just updated it so you don't have to click multiple times. Same for upgrade. Glad you enjoyed it!

Actually really damn good and fun. But I take off 0.5 star because I died from being in a clouds shadow? I think? Like a huge shadow.

I had no idea I was even getting hurt. Only complaint is it doesn't really tell you good enough when you are getting hurt.

I wish listed cuz it reminds me of the good PC indie games you'd get in the Popcap games days. Its not a new concept but its done very well.

Edit: I played again and got too cocky. DAMN IT. I was doing soo good, I wanted to fully upgrade the butterflies :( :( :(

Edit2: the mega troll killed me I think? He smashed his big hammer, not sure how big the area of effect is for that. I wasnt close to the hammer when it hit, but I was close to the troll, so I dno what else killed me there? Again the main issue I have is with knowing how and when you are getting hurt. It's still fun but it leads to annoying deaths and loss of progress/feeling cheated even. Still a great game.

Edit3: I BEAT IT!! I am the best. Great game. Will probably buy. I increased score to 5 from 4.5. I never normally come back to play a game. Thanks for that

NightSteed responds:

Thanks for feedback. Whenever you lose health, there is a couple of things indicating you got hit. Except for a health bar changing (which is obvious) there is a groan sound played + the champion gets highlighted in red for a short moment, which might be a little bit less readable when walking in a shade of the Frenzied Cloudlet. The sound effect might also go unnoticed if there are a lot of things (sound played) going around. We’ll keep that in mind and think about making some improvements. We appreciate you taking a moment to share your opinion on this!


Aprime responds:

Thanks Mr Burns

If you love Flanders Killer - please become a fan http://aprime.newgrounds.com/follow :)

Holy crap dude this feels soo smooth and nice. Really enjoyed this a lot, its so polished like this should probably be on Switch, Steam, PSN, etc

Yword responds:

Thank you so much! :)

Was cool. I got a gold handgun at the very start though and could 1 shot entire waves :D

I think they were just exploding and it would wipe the entire screen. Was pretty satisfying but enemies trickled in too slowly after I killed the first wave and it did make it pretty easy.

It was a cool idea and I had fun

devdwarf responds:

Gold gun op

I didn't really understand why sometimes my dude would go FLYING out of the water and other times would do a smaller jump.

I understand that the more you are in the water the lower your jump is, but when I FLEW out of the water it would just seem to be random. I was only able to get out of the first area by luck it seemed.

Also I am not sure why you have a lower jump when you are in the water for too long. I think it would be more fun if you had a HIGHER jump or you were able to use your wings for a moment

MarcoMcG responds:

Thanks for your feedback Starblinky. Yes, there are definitely some issues with mechanical clarity in the game.

The way character movement and jumping changes varies depending on the current medium you are in. If you are mostly a water creature, you will move and jump slowly on land but will be able to swim very quickly and do huge jumps out of water (like a dolphin). Whereas if you’re mostly a land creature your swimming skills will be pretty bad and you won’t be able to jump very well in the water.

Did you create your own text field for this? I like this game, the puzzles are fun to figure out.

A few suggestions would be to make the icons a bit bigger and to make it so the text field doesn't lose focus when the puzzle changes.

One of my favourite jam games.

Veinom responds:

Thank you so much!

Yes the text field was a huge challenge to do. There was no way for me to make it not lose focus, because then other things would break. It took days for the whole thing work as it does, even with some small compromises (you can't type capital letters for example). But hey, at least you can press Enter to check the answer!

The icons are small because it was supposed to be played fullscreen.

It was pretty satisfying to play. I liked collecting those orbs and the controls felt pretty nice and great audio.

It would be cool you designed the levels where using the speed boost would allow you to make significant short cuts.

LVGames responds:

That's a very good idea. Speed boost shortcuts!

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