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loved it

I liked this a lot, I loved the story in this one. But a post Apocalypse with no zombies!? Cmon!! Howbout a zombie instead of the wolf next time.

haha. Anyways I did notice a few mistakes here and there -

The wolf only had 3 legs in one of the levels. For both picture he had 3 legs, so it wasnt a 'difference'. Its like all of the differences are set to randomly appear whether they are different or not. Not sure if you get what I mean, its not a huge deal, but it messes up the story a little.

Like when I was on the last level, the granny was coming out of the vault and her cane was in her hand and it was also hanging on the side of the vault. So she has 2 canes??

hehe. Anyways, I am kind of just nit picking so you can try and fix these things for future games, not that its a big deal. :P Cant find anything else to complain about.

DifferenceGames responds:

Thanks, these are good points. ;) The difference are random each time you play and it can sometimes lead to weird situations like this.


it was fun. But I wish there was some coins or something that appear after killing some guys. Or a combo system or some kind of mini-mission type thing during gameplay, other wise its just kind of boring, the same thing over and over. Kill this, dodge this etc.

It needs a bit more to it, but overall its a great effort and a great game. Cant wait for the next one.

Skeik responds:

I like the idea of a combo system. If I do a shooter again I'll look into it.

Thanks for the review.

very nice

a very nice game, obviously a lot of blood sweat and tears went into this game. So good job and you should be very proud of this game.

Okay so I did only play for 2 minutes which is about as long as I play a game for on newgrounds unless it really grabs me. I got stuck in the wall twice though in my time playing. Which is maybe a glitch that you knew was in there just couldnt find the fix in time for release? If I ever find a glitch in a game I'm making, I will NOT release it until I fix it, thats a general rule I have.. I wish more people had this rule.

The graphics were good, although a little too reminiscent of Zelda: Link to the past. They were still very well done, just needs its own style. And that goes for the rest of the game I think, a lot of it seems to be inspired too much by Zelda, perhaps you needed a bit more inspiration from other games or books/movies. It's fine if you make a game that is similar to another game, but realize that your game will be compared to that game if you chose to make it so similar. Having your game being compared to Zelda (one of the best games ever) is pretty rough, and probably why your score is so low (I voted 5 btw).

Also I noticed (perhaps this is just my slow computer) level design was a little weird, when you go to the guy in front of the forest and he says you need a shield, there is like a 30 second strip of grass you have to walk along just to get to him, then if you dont have the shield its another 30 seconds walking back (it was night time in the game which for some reason makes me walk even slower). Thats when I quit, I couldn't bear to do that.

UknownXL responds:

Im not sure why it does that either. Some times it would be normal and others it would run slow. Maybe to many things were opened in your browser. And as for the glitch I thought it was gone. I had a programmer fix the collision for me and I no longer experienced any problems.

really good

I like your difference games, they are really fun.

I would like to suggest however, for the 'play with hints' part of the game. It shows me a hint after like 30 seconds or something from starting each puzzle. Why!?! It should only show me a hint if I haven't found any differences for a while. Having a hint system is good, but its kind of broken right now.

Still this was really fun. My fav difference game ever would be the one where the girl is dreaming in her classroom.

DifferenceGames responds:

Thanks, that is a really good suggestion. The hints show more frequent then 30 seconds but many are so subtle you are not aware of them. I've watched some people play where I noticed the hints and they shortly clicked on that spot but it wasn't until the 3rd or 4th one that they say 'hey! that one moved!'. ;)

I definitely like the idea of a timer that resets every time you find one on your own.


yeah ok

I got that infinity glitch too. You just drop a nade then the grenade explosion gets multiplied infinity as well as whatever object you hit it with.

I think this may be because I am using Flash Player 9, and havent upgraded to 10, so that could be the problem, if it is, make sure people upgrade before they play it.

Good idea for a game tho!!

Lochie responds:

This game is for flash player 10, that was the problem.

ok well

it was a good idea, but I thought the ball on medium went too slow. Seriously I had to wait about 20 seconds sometimes just for the ball to get across the screen. Also I think it needs a bit more to it, the powerups are a good start, but they dont change up the gameplay enough.

Ab9003 responds:

Try hard mode, the difficulties are designed so every type of player can get a challenge.

it was a ok game

it was a ok game, and I enjoyed the music.. but why cant I kill the baddies? Maybe if i jumped on their heads it should kill them.. and wtf man, I wanted to just listen to JUST the music (which you are clearly advertising) but there was no sound effect mute button.. so I had to continue listening to crappy sound effects that were ruining the nice music..

Then I press main menu to see if there was a soundFX mute button, but I then the screen went gray and I had to close the window. :( :( Probably because I only have FlashPlayer 9.. hehe, but the game needs some fixes here and there.. maybe give her a magic wand that shoots stars at baddies.. I duno, she needs some sort of attack

Matmi responds:

Please upgrade to Flash 10. There is a major difference between 9 and 10, something you'll notice with every new Flash game that comes out. Noticeably the speed has been greatly improved.

Lily cannot kill the enemies because the idea is to Escape the Fear (not Shoot the Fear with a gun or something). Plus if you killed them all then you'd have no danger if you feel back down to a previous platform, besides the rising fear.

It is true we are advertising the song through the game. The song is the reason the game exists (advertising is the only way of getting to play a great game for free, and besides the song is great anyway so we don't mind). If you want to just hear the music you can pre-order it from www.lilyallenmusic.com or click the link at the bottom of the game.

really fun!

really great game!! Some of the audio could have been better though.. and its not too complex like that guy below me says.. I dont know how its complex even in the slightest...

very fun game, although the 2nd level, the yeti one crashed my flash player, it overloaded the script and asked me if i wanted to abort the script. I am guessing there was a loop that went into infinity. But it also could be my Macintosh..I am using firefox and the latest version of OSX. It happened right when I clicked the play button for the yeti level.

Hope that helps.

ChrisKempt responds:

That's very odd, one of the machines we built it on is more or less that spec and we've not seen that problem. Anyway, rest assured we will look into it and try and work out what's going on.

Thanks for your review and glad you liked it otherwise.




i played for almost 3 minutes... but its so freaking easy it just is so damn boring!!! you should add some things... its just way to easy.. i did 3 minutes without trouble at all

asagoPAN responds:

My best ever is 12 seconds and all my testers said it was too hard... T_T

*Edit* Make that 13.6 s


Nice game! I think it took too long to level up your weapons though.. You cant expect people to use the same gun for the whole game.. it gets boring.. so if you start with the handgun, it should be almost as strong as the next weapon you unlock.

Anyyyways. You used actionscript 3 didnt you? Because my god this didnt lag one bit on my computer... I think you either used AS3.. or you have some kind of voodoo up on your moofoo. heheheh.

HStudios responds:

Lol, I actually only used AS2 here because I am still learning my AS3's. However the fact that so many people say there is no lag is very interesting, because it lagged terribly on my computer. Thanks though!

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