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great game

Turret doesn't need auto fire.

The main issue with the game is that it gets a little too easy. I upgraded the turret like 5 times then I could just kill anything with 1 or 2 clicks. I didn't even need a bomb! Also as for the last bomb I got.. the atomic bomb.. it skips to a cut scene.. WHY! Cmon man! I wanted to use that so bad! You should of let us play that part and just watch everything disintegrate. It was fun though, good job :)

FrozenFire responds:

Initially planned to let you drop it and then go to cutscene when it blows


If people are having trouble with the controls its a failure on your part, not theirs. You should know most of newgrounds users are retarde and can't read tutorials. You need to simplify things or force a simple tutorial with plenty of pretty pictures.

That said, I don't think the game had much substance. It did not vary enough. Also you really need ASWD key controls when using the mouse ( if your right handed like most people). And what was there just wasn't that fun..

However, Id like to say, it did show some promise.. I think it needs a lot of work to really get there though. I think there is so much going on, on the screen you may want to just ditch the paddle and make the walls into spikes. Press mouse to fire, which also moves your guy backwards.

I liked the idea though of the mini games.. I played the first two, the first one is kind of flawed since you can just easily gather all the balls against the wall and just sit there waiting for more to spawn. The 2nd one was just really really hard to control, like the rest of the game.

Overall 6/10, theres an effort was shown but the game just didn't quite make it.. Don't cram too many mismatched ideas into one game :P

EggysGames responds:

Reminds me of how people ate boiling hot bake beans out of the microwave then sued the can company for not having an instruction saying it would be hot after heating it up.

so so so fun

This was epic! I loved this game a lot.


How do we get MP? Besides buying the tiny MP thing from the shop? Is there any other way? I think it should raise the MP 1 point per battle or something.

Also I wish there were more things in the shop.. Those items suck, and I can just collect them in the caves anyways! So why spend my money on junk? The shop needs some exclusive items.

Great game though, suitable music, great graphics and animations, endless replayability, a ton of weapons and items to collect and sell, just a great game over all.

Boredcom responds:

Not all shop items are the same. Sometimes you can find awesome items, othertimes they can be junk. It's luck of the draw. Thanks for the great feedback!


pretty fun game. But I think you need to find better music. I had to stop playing, the music was possibly the most annoying I have ever heard in a game.

Xplored responds:

I guess music preferences are too subjective and variable to match them for all players... We tried old style cartoon music. Someone liked it a lot, but of course some others didn't.
BTW, many thanks for the 7 even if you didn't like the audio.


sorry but its not very good.

It needs a lot of improvement. The engine itself also needs improvement. Why does the level keep going after I beat it?

Level 15 is impossible to actually learn what you are suppose to do without looking at the walkthrough. I mean why would anybody just sit there for 10 seconds and just wait and stare at the screen? No one would know to do that.

Also there wasnt much of innovation or anything really even new here. I have seen this type of game many times before.

The game isn't terrible.. I did actually play until level 15 which I guess says something. Perhaps just add more things to it. Perhaps some special abilities where your frog will change color and youll earn some sort of super frog power.

keybol responds:

the clue is follow the flies, so it's pointing to the left. also if you reach the end of the right line of mushrooms, you will see flies making an arrow pointing to the left

reaaally fun

I loved it. I played till the end with Huckle Hound, I looove Huckle Hound :)

But then once I beat it, the game went to the title screen with no buttons or anything. It was just frozen on the title screen.. no where to go after that, no high score board or anything..

so I give 8/10 for that.

robotJAM responds:

the highscore submission is loading, if you waited a few seconds it would pop up.


people that have trouble playing, make sure you disable adBlocker or you will not be able to play the game!

Very nnice game with smooth physics, very fun too aactually. I wasnt expecting much since these games are getting pretty bland and repetitive. But I like the gem feature, its cool!

Saw this for iPhone too ;)
Didnt buy it though

ttursas responds:

Thanks for the info! I'll need to look through the code why it fails with adBlocker... If the CPMStar ad code somehow makes the game unplayable, visit Kongregate, the game doesn't have ads there...

I think I can fix it, you guys need to wait for eight hours until I get back home, let's see...


whats different in this from all the other games exactly like this one? And the music is poorly looped..

this game is a meh.

OctoFlash responds:

it is different, maybe you should have played to further levels..


actually pretty fun for how simple it is. Although please set the mouse to show, the only reason I died was because the mouse was hidden and it kept getting moved off the screen.

Also some kind of progress meter would be great. Id like to know when the next level is going to come. Or the next change will come to keep me playing. The first 3 minutes or so was kind of boring, I nearly quit but then read a review that said it starts to change.. so I kept playing.

Good game though. Needs mochiScores

Rhete responds:

But... the mouse shouldn't be hidden. Was it another game window open hiding the mouse?

If I make another one I will probably have more defined features like levels and visible progress in it.

And eww mochiScores no thanks.

really good

This is a really good really simple game here! Why are you guys voting so low!? Really great job here man. Very addictive very fun.

Not sure what else to say here though. The game is simple enough to leave as it is. Perhaps when you get a dead fish it will give you x2 the regular points for the flies then you normally would (for a certain amount of time), instead of just straight up giving you 100 points.

hansheidmann responds:

thanks :) yah i was just aiming for simple and somewhat addictive with a cuter feel to it than most my games end up with

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