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final score: 18,402

good game man. could use some improvement, its really hard to get more then 3 letter words, i mean sometimes youll get a 4 letter word, but maybe next time have a bonus where you can switch spots of any 1 letter or something, cuz I was usually only 1 letter away from big words.. or maybe i just dumb and cant find them, i duno

partythenwork responds:

keep practicing. it isn't unusual for me to get 5+ letter words. also at the higher levels don't be afraid to use the arrow tiles to shuffle up the board to help your position.


I kept dying for no reason at all.. it was weird.. my health would go down for no reason at all.. then BAM im dead.

also I think you need to fix the walking animations.

I didnt get any lag though which was a positive

Rustygames responds:

The animations are a bit bogus :/
For the next version I'm definitely going to have the designers spend bucket loads of time on that. I think the whole lot was done in a matter of hours on a laptop with a rather suspect graphics tablet :P

As far as the magical bullets are concerned, that's actually lag and lack of sync. You see it's very difficult to get everyone to match exactly, so on 3/4 screens you got shot, on your screen you didn't, so the game takes that as a death. That's why on Halo you're sure that sword didn't get you, but I can assure you, the majority vote would say it did! :D


Pretty fun, I think its under-rated. It should have a higher score..
I voted 5. I think the missiles still last too long, unless you change how it follows you, its too accurate right now.. other-wise, very good game :) I got 450 ft or something like that

Wurmy responds:

Well, thank you :D


It was okay.. you know you can cheat by going through the walls and past the finish line. Just make some invisible checkpoints and make sure the player passes through all of them..

Yeah AI cars would be great, they arent really that hard to make either.. Just add 2 invisible balls infront of the car and when a wall hits the invisible balls, make the car turn.

....Also maybe the music needs to be toned down a bit.

Rat512 responds:

there are checkpoints


it was good, needs a lot more though. I was thinking that if, once I get to the top, is there another screen after that? If there were multiple screens and levels, this game would be rockin!!. Also spend a bit more time on menus??

hah Good job tho

Random-Anim8r responds:

yeh, well i'll work on some new levels and the menu and re-upload.

Hey man

Hey again. This one worked for me, the last time you uploaded it, it wouldn't load past the menu part. But any ways, good job on this, It's done quite well. I still have a problem with lag, every time I hit a note, it would lag to the point I can't even play it.
Still, from what I played, its good.

Coolio-Niato responds:

I had forgotten to check on issues of lag on the first version, seeing as my computer is only like a year old and is insanely fast...(no lag at all in this game). Im happy you enjoyed it too =)

Looks like it would be fun

But the game wouldn't work on my mac.. It doesn't let me fire.

derekbeau responds:

Sorry, I don't currently have a mac to test on. It could be an issue with your version of Flash Player or maybe the type of mouse you are using. I really have no idea.


it was good.. but i couldnt do the double jump plus pressing down gap..
the double jump thing is too hard and glitchy and hardly ever even works....
fix that so i can get over that big jump at the begginning.. i really wanted to play the game but that jump pissed me off so bad i just quit.

The-Mercenary responds:

I updated it so you can skip the tutorial and there wont be too many more parts where you have to make huge jumps and Play on low quality PLEASE.

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